Stefano came to light at night. From copywriting to the final cut, he now takes care of visual stories.
His background rests on graphic design, his language flows through the eyes, his message points towards the gut: his aesthetics mixes expressive images and poetic words.

He got a MA in Visual Communication at Politecnico di Milano, and started out illustrating and animating motion graphic videos. After a few experiences in UK, he got back to Milan and switched to live action filmmaking. He handles the camera with pleasure, edits the footage with love, but directing is where he naturally feels at home: he's good at doing, but he's even better at thinking.

He's currently working for Double Vision as director for fashion films, music videoclips, branded contents and digital advertising; also, as assistant director for high-budget Tv commercials. 

M: +39 3407084004
E: stefanolari.sl@gmail.com